Welcome! I’m Donna Richardson aka Donnamite. For 30 years I have traveled to 50 states, 50 countries, 6 continents educating, empowering and energizing people to become healthier; mind, body and spirit. As a motivational speaker, best-selling author and TV personality/producer I continue to spread the gospel of good health but now virtually. When I started in the fitness and health business I hosted a show on ESPN and starred in the videos, “Buns of Steel” and now I have Buns of “AARP.” Your health should be a priority in your life because literally your life depends on it. No matter what age, shape, size or limitations you may have, be intentional about pursuing your goals. We all experience challenges, fears and failures but turn it into your fuel which gives you power. And remember you cannot conquer what you don’t commit to moving forward. Regardless of what your goal is it starts with you changing your mindset. Your thoughts can make you excel or make you fail. Change happens on the inside before it manifests on the outside. Let’s get Pumped Up, Powered Up, Prayed Up……..Exercise your right to a healthy mind and body because you owe it to yourself!


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For the first time ever Mama LaVerne’s Chicken and Waffles seasoning and baking mixes packaged together for you to enjoy delicious homemade joy at home! For 25 years family, friends and celebrities have raved about Mama LaVerne’s signature dish, Chicken & Waffles. Having experienced family loss, family member illnesses, uncertainty and challenges, we were hesitant to launch. But God……….We stepped out on faith to bring you a recipe that is rooted in a soulful heritage that exemplifies strength, courage and perseverance. We are grateful for your support as we continue to enrich people’s lives through food for the soul!

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Be inspired & follow me on a unique 28-day journey to good health and a deeper love of God, using faith to empower change. Each day includes an inspiring scriptural quote, a personal testimony, a menu with delicious recipes, four-color photographs demonstrating a particular workout, and an inspirational song suggestion that adds the right beat to keep you moving.


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