Welcome! I’m Donna Richardson aka Donnamite. For over 25 years I traveled to 50 states, 51 countries and 6 continents helping millions have a healthy posture of self- love, self- care and self- confidence. I’m so excited about my clothing line, Fashion That Fits……Everybody! From size XS to 3XL, I would like to help you feel, look and dress your best. After all, the best outfit you will ever wear is your self-confidence and self-worth. Check out our Pay it forward, Clothing with Confidence program.


Introducing ROAM Magazine

“ROAM Magazine” is a monthly digital publication that promotes travel and tourism to travel enthusiasts on social media. “ROAM Magazine” focuses on international destinations, group travel, romantic getaways, family vacations, eco-travel, exotic lands. Through our features and stories our goal is to encourage the reader to embark on their own travel movement and adventures.



“This is a cool way to encourage fun and fitness,” says Joey Robinson of the Sugarhill Gang. Old School music makes people feel good and the workout will help you look good. It’s the ultimate cardio dance workout and you’re invited to the party!



Be inspired & follow me on a unique 28-day journey to good health and a deeper love of God, using faith to empower change. Each day includes an inspiring scriptural quote, a personal testimony, a menu with delicious recipes, four-color photographs demonstrating a particular workout, and an inspirational song suggestion that adds the right beat to keep you moving.


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