From Buns of Steel to Tiny House on Wheels

God blew me a kiss. I had an opportunity to start a clothing line last year. Then he blew me another kiss. I had my online clothing store and was looking for a way to market fashion line because most people knew me from my career in health and fitness. One evening, 3 months ago my life changed. I was watching HGTV, Tiny House Nation and Tiny House Big Living and I had a aha moment. Originally I thought about having a fashion truck but the vision came to me to have a Tiny House Fashion Boutique. I called my manager and told him my vision. The next week we drove to Terrell, Texas and I purchased a Tiny House.

Come to find out Monica who I purchased the Tiny House from, I had certified her to teach fitness 26 years ago. Right as the renovation was being completed my manager told me I would premiere my tiny house boutique at the National Tiny House Convention #tinyhousejam. I was introduced to a community, a movement that has had my wheels spinning ever since. Three weeks ago I had a Tiny House Boutique Celebration at Via Real in Irving, Texas. It was a hug success! And we blessed Valerie Wyatt with a Holiday makeover. Tiny House Big Heart will give back where ever it travels. Now I’m getting ready to go on tour. And I’m helping business owners who want to go mobile and people who want to downsize and live in a tiny house. It has been full circle for me. I have gone from helping people to trim their waist to helping people delete waste in a space. God is so awesome!!!

My Tiny House Boutique on Wheels Isn’t Just a Boutique……It’s an Experience!
My Tiny House Boutique travels to you: Conferences, Corporations, Churches, Health Clubs, Country Clubs and more!!

For more information:
Please call Ed Bryan at (972)522-8203